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Here comes nr 19. I'm so, so tired and confused.

Final Quest #19 )
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Finally found the time and energy to write a review for this issue (nr 19 coming up soon). I'm sad to say that I'm finding it hard to stay motivated in buying and read Final Quest. I've been a huge ElfQuest fan since I was a little girl; written fanficton, been in and still am in a number of post-by-post roleplaying games, own all the comics. All of it hasn't been "pure gold" or anything, but Final Quest feels so very, very different from the rest of ElfQuest.

I think my main problem with it is that I feel like I'm reading a finale of an AU ElfQuest I haven't been keeping up with. There are so many, many plots and subplots here that there has been no foreshadowing or build-up for. At least not that I can remember. I'm starting to worry that I've forgotten or misremembered like 60% of ElfQuest at this point.

Final Quest #18 )
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This is very last minute, so I'll make sure to update this to be an actual "what I like about Books of the Raksura" post a-sap. Until then you can check out my old what-I-like post from Yuletide where I have some info (though not the exact same characters).

Since I've already talked about Jade, Stone, Moon and Chime in my old letter linked above, I thought I'd just briefly summarize why I like the other two characters I've requested.

- Ember. I think he's a great addition to the cast, as a contrast to Moon. I don't think Moon should or needs to change his ways to be a "better Raksura" or anything like that, but I adore that we get to see a consort who's comfortable in his assigned role. Not only do I think Ember's ease as a consort underlines that all consorts are individuals, but it also underlines the fact that you don't have to be a Big, Tough, Strong Hunter or magician or what have you to be a good person. I wish Stone would show him a little more respect (that said, I think there are a lot of Raksura Stone should stop treating like annoying furniture...)

- Shade. His lot in life isn't an easy one, but it's so great that he has such a loving family to back him up. I'd love to see him interact more with strangers though - with or without the help of his family. I love that he's sweet without being a pushover (at least from what I remember - I really need to reread the books) and that he's loyal to his people.
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Got home about 30 minutes ago from hours of tabletop rp-ing supervillains vs aliens. One of the many super fun and lovely things I have going on. Getting a new job was a really good decision - I'm going to be insufferably happy about everything for the next few weeks I think :)

Oh, and note to self: No more crossposting to Livejournal. It's time to finally nope out.
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It was also a very messed up day, putting it mildly. See, I work in Stockholm, not that many blocks from where trash disguised as humans decided to ram a truck into a shopping center. Suffice to say, yesterday...well, what can I really say about yesterday?

Actually, I can say that the Swedish military and Stockholm's police force are fucking awesome, that's what I can say! They were so prepared and dealt with this so well! They were on the scene in no time, getting people to safety and making sure nothing else happened. They shut down the subway and commuter trains a-sap, and all possible second targets were evacuated or got much increased security.

Swedish media also dealt with it well. Sure, there were some unfounded rumours about shootings floating around that started on Twitter (which is why my boss refused to let us leave work until we were 100% it was just rumors), but over all we got up-to-date, vital information right when we needed it. We knew where to go and where to not go.

Also, all us regular civilian types used social media to help each other out. Stores made sure people had a safe place to go and that people's kids got dinner if their parents were unable to get home in time. People opened their homes to those who were stranded, arranging spur of the moment pizza parties. And as far as I've heard the local nazi scum are disappointed with how this attack has failed to drum up racism and islamophobia in the general public. I hope the nazis keep being disappointed. Fuck those guys.

I literally spent yesterday's "event" drinking soda with my coworkers, going for a long walk, meeting up with an acquaintance I hadn't seen in 3 years, having a beanburger, walking some more, waiting 40 minutes for a train to get me home, and finally going to bed at my home in Uppsala.

It's horrific that people were killed and hurt. But it's a comfort to know that the military, the police, the media, and just every other person on the street here are prepared for horrific things, and meet them with both skill and heart.
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Not going to go into details, but my recent job change has been such a huge, good change! I mean, I liked my old job and old coworkers - it's just that the work tempo was getting too much for me. New job is just so wonderful. I've got the same kind of job, just not at the same break-neck speed.

I thought I'd have more Internet time now, but it seems I have more IRL people to hang out with that I remember XD Now that I have the energy and time I've ended up with people coming over almost every day of the week. It's a strange, old-yet-new, happy feeling of having time for friends and family. I will get back to online stuff as well, soon, but right now I have to get offline life back in balance again (it's been out of wack for almost four years, it seems...)
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Found some basic d20 based rules online (well, several) and have homebrewed them into a steampunk/solarpunk fantasy thing for a game I'm DM-ing on Monday. Watching Critical Role has motivated me to expand outside my comfort zone as a DM - great show, btw, if you have time for 80+ episodes of 2-3 hours each.

My other source of inspiration for this game is the TV show Leverage. I'm going to let my players start out with one skill maxed out (yay, Mary Sues game~) and just let them have fun from there. We can't meet that often due to work and living far apart, which means they haven't had the chance to level much. Thus we're trying a "cut loose and have fun" kind of game. I'm going to give them some challenges, but sometimes it can be fun to be a little overpowered, right? :)

In case any fellow dice rpg fans are reading this, got any game recs? I currently own "Fallen Reich", "Blue Rose" and several homebrews + am going to get the latest Dungeons & Dragons, but am always looking for interesting things to try! Especially if they're more focused on roleplaying than on rule reading.
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Again I've spent a year reading books (as you tend to do if you spend 3 hours every work day trapped on a train). Here they all are, summarized for my own amusement and also in case anyone is looking for book recs; or anti-recs ;)

Books - Part 1 )

Books - Part 2 )

Books - Part 3 )

Books - Part 4 )

Books - Part 5 )

Books - Part 6 )
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Had to take a few days to recover from nr 16. Here we go with nr 17. Oh boy.

Final Quest #17 )
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I'm waaaay late with this summary, but it's because 1) my comic shop was late notifying me the comic had come in, and 2) #16 & #17 left me feeling rather...blank.

Also, I'm suffering burn out, but that's more of a side note.

Final Quest #16 )



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