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Here comes nr 19. I'm so, so tired and confused.

We start out with Ember and Cutter playfighting for New Moon. Cutter wins, though Treestump says Ember let him win. This is apparently a Howl for the returned Cutter, with Cutter stepping down from acting chief to adviser, leaving Ember to keep an eye on the present Wolfriders and Go-Backs. I thought Venka was in charge of the Go-Backs, but at this point I just assume I have ElfQuest-focused-amnesia and accept everything at face value.

Skywise is a bit bummed out, since this might be his last Howl with his tribe before going to the stars with Timmain & co. Ember and Sunstream talk a little about how they're both very busy now, and through that dialogue we cut to Reef, Korafay, Skimback, Salt and...other older Wavedancer whose name I honestly don't remember... Salt & Other Elder are heading to the Palace, disguising themselves as humans. Reef, Korafay and Skimback aren't going to the Palace, they're staying on the World of Two Moons.

...and yeah, that's that interlude. We now cut to the Djunslanders being attacked by a native human woman. They wound her badly and she yells at them in the Djunsland language that she's a warrior, like "Shaman Shuna when she young". The Djunslanders think Shuna is long dead and assume the "demons" are teaching the natives their language. The Djunslanders do horrible things off screen to the poor warrior woman, while slaves talk about their horrible situation. One of the slaves is a descendant of the family Tyleet learned the local human tongue from, and he still believes in "good spirits".

Back in the Holt the elves are planning their next move. Tyleet, with Windkin's help, will go with Shuna to help teach people the Djunlander's language. Cutter has a new wolf-friend. Half the Go-Backs are stationed here in the Holt, and Venka makes clear they must follow the Wolfrider chief if they stay here. The other elves are talking about how scary the humans are and discussing who will go with the Palace when it leaves. Many are undecided.

Oh, and apparently Cutter solved his whole identity-crisis off screen in the Palace with Timmain. We see a quick flashback of the two of them sending in the Palace. What Timmain (or both?) sends is: **Tam-Cutter said the needed words to the Firstcomer Troll. Now Timmain can go. Now Tam-Cutter can stay. I love...But I'll live as myself.**

Sure. Fine. I'm just trying to get through this review.

Freetouch asks Skywise if more elves have answered The Call and we get another look at "more elves". Skywise says many have chosen not to answer The Call. He claims that a lot of elves are living shapechanged as humans, using their magic like classic "witches/wise women/men". Other kinds of elves seem to have achieved the "hum" that the Sun Folk & Moonshade have learned, and melded with places on the World of Two Moons. They will be staying put almost like fire elementals, living in vulcanos and so on. Dre-Ahn has been helping elfin children traveling alone to reach the Palace. And still some are very undecided...

We cut to human!Shenshen, Kimo, Dart and Mender by a river. Shenshen says that The Call is affecting her still, while Kimo is 100% sure he's staying on the World of Two Moons (by Shuna's side). Dart and Mender talk about mortality, and Mender assures Dart that he too wants to go the mortal way of a Wolfrider. Oh, and they decide to lifemate. How long have they been lovemates now again? Seriously, this timeline makes no sense to me.

By the way, we get another retcon of pretty much everything with Ekuar saying that he knew there was a Firstcomer Troll alive. He just wasn't allowed to be anywhere near said Firstcomer. Sure. Why not. Build-up and foreshadowing is not in style anymore it seems.

Also also Sunstream mentions the Forevergreen and how Door there acted worse than Winnowill. So that is canon. Maybe? Partly? Somehow? Since that's the story Kimo used Dart's soul name in, and we haven't seen any of that or...Oh, never mind. We cut to Door, who has Chot (I think?) on a rope leash, searching for the Little Palace. Door continues to not be a nice person.

In the Holt the elves celebrate Mender and Dart's lifemating, as well as Venka's future cub. At the same time Door finds the place where Ahdri dropped the Little Palace and starts to reassemble it. In the final scene we see him start his rockshaping while Chot tries to get himself free. Door also monologues this villain speech: "The miniature and "The Call" will guide us unerringly to the High Ones' star vessel. Whatever foolish plans have been made by the unworthy elves infesting it the Palace-Ship shall not fly from this world!."

New villain again. Yay. Or something. Damn I'm tired.
Date: 2017-05-19 07:24 (UTC)

From: [personal profile] paintstrokes
Yikes. *passes you the wine* This is so painful to read, even second-hand. I can't even.... I mean, if this was a fan-written AU I would have bailed so, so, SO long ago. :\

Thanks again for the summaries though... can't look away from this trainwreck...



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