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Trying to get some sort of idea about what and when I want to do non-work things until Yule. Really need to drown myself in fun stuff right now, so here goes!

All the things I want to do )

Link to deadlines for these things!
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It's when you get home a WednesdayTuesday evening, having come off a delayed train, hungry and with severe allergies to somthing acting up, and you still manage to make dinner and food for the rest of the week, post several e-mails and on top of that find time to read, that you realize just how burned out you've been.

Seriously, I feel like a new person. Or rather, my old self. I'm not at 100% yet, but I wasn't sick once this summer (unlike these past 4 years where vacation without fail meant 2 weeks of influenza) and my spine is finally back to normal. I have energy to do more than eat candy and stare at the ceiling when I get home from work! I actually sleep well!

This said, I need to get my lovely lists going again! I've always worked best with deadlines, and I've got so many fun things I need to get done before the year is out :D

Quick list:
- Make a month-by-month to do list
- Read my 30+ books I've got lying around the apartment
- Go through all my gazillion writing projects, among them the 2 almost finished books I've written and then left to...simmer?
- Start on my Leverage Mini Bang fic and start looking for a beta!
- Brainstorm for Yuletide. Nominations start sooooon, yay!
- Finish translating that Russian to Swedish to English Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fic.
- Finish the outline of Secrets in Ice so I finally can write it for this year's NaNo
- Catch up with Beacon Call Holt and Survivors of a Lost Holt; many posts and updates needed.
- Get through my 280+ Tumblr drafts
- Finish editing How to Sway Them's second version (preferably before November and NaNo starts).
- Keep practicing Japanese everyday. Small steps and all that.
- Find the Google Doc for Anna's and my world building.
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I have so, so many fandoms that I now need to make yet another list to keep track of them. Feel free to hit me up about basically any of these :D

I've parted these into three categories (Active/Like/Nostalgic), because sure why not. I'll make sure to update this as often as I can remember (edit 2017-08-22: like when I forget to add Killjoys, one of my biggest fandoms right now XD)

Active Fandoms )

Fandoms I Like )

Fandoms I'm Nostalgic About )
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Ultimate challenge activated! Which is my way of saying I've made a promise to myself that I won't eat/drink certain things until Yule. Not for any diet-to-lose-weight reasons, but more for my-burn-out-and-broken-back-led-to-very-unhealthy-&-expensive-eating-habits reasons. As in, I spend about 10$ a day on some form sugar. That's a lot of money and a lot of sugar every week + means I eat less actual _food_ food because I'm full on candy. My mother and a friend of hers took me up on this challenge and we're all now cheering each other on :)

So yeah, challenge!

As a reminder to myself: Until the 24th of December I am not allowed to eat or drink the following things:

- Soda
- Candy
- Cookies
- Chocolate in any form
- Chips
- Pastries

The only exception to this are the 2 LARP dinners I have planned before Yule. For each day I manage to not consume such things, I will put 8$ aside and save up for art commissions~!

Challenge started 2017-08-07. Tally:
Days without extra sugar - 15
Commission savings - 120$
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Stars only know why, but I now have _two_ godchildren! Pretty amazing and utterly confusing :D

Seriously, I do not know why my friends insist on having me as some kind of authority figure/role model for their children. They know I'm an atheist, so "raising them in the Christian faith" will not be accomplished. Raising them to play D&D and video games on the other hand...

On a more serious note, it's really nice to be this trust and close with people that I've ended up a godmom twice over - with two different families no less! Now comes the tricky struggle of giving both godchildren equal amounts of attention, despite one of them living in the same city as me and the other being halfway across the country...
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I think I've gotten the most "urgent" broken photo links fixed. The ones over on Livejournal are still broken - might fix them eventually, but I really can't be bothered right now (fixing them over here and on my Holts was enough of a time sink).

My dad's gone with his oldest brother to help out his older brother, so it's just me, my sis and mom up here in the north right now. Things are a little rough due to Health Things, but I think we'll pull through.

Slowly but surely getting back the energy to do fun things. We'll see what I get done first...
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...yaaaay, lists. No seriously, lists help me not panic about All The Stuff I Want To Do. I know I won't get all of this done, but getting it all written down in an overview like this helps :)

Also, I've promised myself only to have two writing projects on at the same time, to prevent me from dilly-dallying and only writing two orders on each of my gazillion WIPs.

Updated: 2017-08-04
To-do list 2017 )
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And we're at nr 20. It's...a comic.


Final Quest #20 )
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Here comes nr 19. I'm so, so tired and confused.

Final Quest #19 )
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Finally found the time and energy to write a review for this issue (nr 19 coming up soon). I'm sad to say that I'm finding it hard to stay motivated in buying and read Final Quest. I've been a huge ElfQuest fan since I was a little girl; written fanficton, been in and still am in a number of post-by-post roleplaying games, own all the comics. All of it hasn't been "pure gold" or anything, but Final Quest feels so very, very different from the rest of ElfQuest.

I think my main problem with it is that I feel like I'm reading a finale of an AU ElfQuest I haven't been keeping up with. There are so many, many plots and subplots here that there has been no foreshadowing or build-up for. At least not that I can remember. I'm starting to worry that I've forgotten or misremembered like 60% of ElfQuest at this point.

Final Quest #18 )


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