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I've gotten my Yuletide assignment and am looking forward to writing it and I'm having great fun writing on my NaNoWriMo story!

It's always so encouraging to read something you yourself have written and being angry with yourself when you reach the part that hasn't been written yet because you want to read the ending XD

Just knowing how it ends isn't quite the same as reading. And who knows how the story will grow and surprise me while I write?

Hope everyone else participating in NaNo is having as much fun as I am!

Oooh, and here's the latest commission of my book characters that I indulged myself with. Made by the fantastic ladynorthstar over on tumblr.

Art to be found under this cut )
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Artwork behind the cut! )

I commissioned the amazing spacerocketbunny to draw Narathriel and Raserath from my fantasy/steampunk series "Of Dwarves and Elves".

This scene is from the first half of the second novel. Narathriel (left) has just jumped off a cliff to avoid an ambush, but left his spouse behind and is now a bit worried. Raserath (right), his older sister, will be yelling his ears off once they get to the safety of the deck. That is her airship btw.
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Aelius & Nikon

I commissioned [ profile] jennadelle to draw my two favorite characters from my NaNo novel How to sway them - Aelius (standing) and Nikon (sitting) - and this is the end result. Isn't it gorgeous?!

The picture portrays the scene where the two of them enter the story for the first time. Aelius is out of breath due to a long fight and Nikon has just shown up to help out.

It is quite sad how much I love these two and their relationship, seeing as they're not the main characters. I just can't wait to write their big scenes!

In other news, I'm getting to 4k, and that's with a movie night (currently in session) and a dice RPG day tomorrow. Life is good!
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No, I'm not doing any! I'm not that cruel.

For those who haven't seen me draw something, here's my dA gallery, you're free to have a laugh at my expense. I mostly keep it around to be able to favorite and comment on other people's work and only uploaded three pictures so it wouldn't look so empty.

The thing is, I love art in all its forms. I greatly enjoy beautiful drawings and images, but I don't have the practice, talent or patient to try and make some on my own, just like I know very little about playing musical instruments. I've tried a little bit of everything, but I've only ever had fun while writing and singing; ergo, that's what I've stuck with and become good-ish at.

I'm not a very visual kind of person. I have trouble picturing characters I invent, planning clothes, facial features, hair styles. The same goes for when I create alien species or fantastic creatures - I have a general outline, a lot of facts about culture, behavior, personalities and plot, but nothing about what they truly look like. Just a vague idea of color, scales, size and such.

So now I'm thinking about finding some artists to commission, to give my ideas some shape and make them easier to describe when I write. But I'm usure of how to give an artist enough material to work with, as I have no images to give them as basis and very little descriptions beyond personality and vague outlines.

Anyone have any experience with asking people to draw their characters, without having any art to referr to? Any tips on how to do it?


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