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I might have to default from Inception Big Bang and didn't even have the time tell anyone more ahead of time :(

The fic will still be written, but it won't make the deadline since my exams got all weird (they kept switching dates on us - the last tricky one was today and I might have to retake it, 'cause the questions were weird), my practise has started, I moved (new four room aparment, yay!) and I'm babysitting five cats for a month - just count them all, I know you wont ;)

So yeah, fic won't be in Big Bang, but I'll still finish it now that life's gotten a little less crazy. Still too bad, I really want to get it done on time.

Hopefully my Yuletide fic will go better - the limit is only 1 000 words and now all my moving exams are over I will actually have some damn free time!
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My entry for [ profile] holmes_big_bang

Title: Open Secrets
Pairing: Watson/Holmes, Watson/Mary, (the rest is spoilers)
Word Count: ~38 000
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for violence and implied sexual situations.

Notes: This AU is set in the Directed'verse, a place where everyone is expected to be bisexual, as well as either a dom or a sub. Doms are here called 'leaders' and subs 'followers'.
Credit for this universe goes to [ profile] aris_writing, via [ profile] helenish and xanthe, all who have far more claim on this alternate universe than I do - I've merely adapted it to Victorian times (basically it's a fanfic of a fanfic).
A million thanks to my beta-reader [ profile] onidoko!

Summary: Watson has never commented on Holmes' uncanny ability to switch the guise of follower for leader in the wink of an eye, just as Holmes never has asked for details concerning Watson's meetings with 'old friends' and this has worked fine for several years. But thanks to a gang of surprisingly resourceful jewellery thieves and a sudden engagement this might all be about to change.


Illustrations: Can be found here, made by the talented [ profile] wheres_walnut
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I can't believe it. I actually finished my fic for [ profile] holmes_big_bang. Damn.

Final word count ended up somewhere around 37 400. While I've written stories with enough chapters to reach that number of words before, I've never actually finished a story that long until now. Huh.

So yeah, anyone interest, please look forward to "Open Secrets", available when [ profile] holmes_big_bang opens on the 1st of July.

PS. A million thanks to [ profile] onidoko for beta-reading and [ profile] wheres_walnut for her never-ending patience.
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To all the people I haven't replied to or commented on in forever: I'M SORRY!

It's just that university, trainee work and [ profile] holmes_big_bang has been keeping me rather busy. And by rather I mean insanely.

Writing is fun, but exhausting, especially as I don't have a beta-reader (hopefully it won't be a complete waste of Open Office pages because of that - I can only wish up on a star and whatnot) and they just sprung two extra "final exam assignments" on us, to complete the two we already had, so stress is my constant companion.

Still it's my own damn fault for insisting on joining the challenge in the first place, as well for wanting to become a speech and language pathologist, so I can't really complain :) I just hope my grades or writing won't have to suffer for it!

Okay enough ranting, back to work!
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Okay, I may or may not just have made something monumentally stupid.

I signed up for [ profile] holmes_big_bang

Jupp. 20 000+ words before June. Picked a prompt and everything. Even started writing. So far I have 1255 words.

...I think this is my official full descent into madness, yes.


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