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Okay so quick entry to cheer myself up and anyone else who likes cats:

Mindless kitty watching this way!

Yup, my beautiful Sebastian is still alive and kicking :)

Now I must hurry off and cancel my apartment and finish writing questions for a lecture I'm going to discuss with my study-buddy. So yeah, stress.
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The last couple of days have been rather...roller coaster-y, or some word to that effect. My application for university managed to get a bit messed up, so I won't know until the 13th of August if I get in where I want to be. I might end up having to work full time next year - something I'd rather not do. Damn the weird application system they've created. I don't think I've heard from a single of my friends who've gotten theirs right. Something has to be done about that system. Because of that I'm feeling a bit down (though I'm sure it'll all be fine in the end, just really stressful while going on).

On the other hand I'm also feeling really happy. Sebastian arrived this evening and he seems to like it here. Dad's friend was really sad to see him go - though at the same time relieved that she'd found him a permanent home - so she was a little teary eyed and Sebastian was a bit nervous at first, especially after she left. But after a while he started purring and followed random family members around the house. At the moment he's fast asleep in what appears to be his new favorite corner - a cranny behind our oldest computer.

Now that things have calmed down a bit I shall get back to finishing my first Stargate fic. Feeling a bit nervous about that as well, but it can't do more than suck *smile*
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Sebastian in all his glory )
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To Write or Not To Write? )

On a more pleasant, less rant-y note:

Cat Update )
1 July 2007 01:04


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Yes, cats. No, not the muscial, the animals. )

In the world of fandom everything is good at the moment. New RP-period begins in aternaville tomorrow and fic writing's going well. Currently working on a McKay/Zelenka fic that includes time travel, angst and not much else. Not very original I know, but the plot bunny was chewing at my brain as if it was a golden carrot and I needed to warm up with something familiar, since I haven't written SGA-fics before. Hopefully I'll manage to get a beta-reader and that it won't suck completely.

Might write a McKay/Sheppard fic sometime in the future, since that seems to be a rite of passage for SGA slashers. Currently working on my McKay/Zelenka table at lover100, but I ship orgy!Atlantis so any pairing in that fandom is ok with me. McKay and Zelenka just happen to be my favorite characters and there are still far too few Zelenka fics out there (there's especially a lack of weird AU ones, which happens to be my speciality), so McKay/Zelenka seemed like a good choice for the whole "100 fic"-challenge. My muses and plot bunnies want me dead, I'm quite sure of it.


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