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I have so, so many fandoms that I now need to make yet another list to keep track of them. Feel free to hit me up about basically any of these :D

I've parted these into three categories (Active/Like/Nostalgic), because sure why not. I'll make sure to update this as often as I can remember (edit 2017-08-22: like when I forget to add Killjoys, one of my biggest fandoms right now XD)

Active Fandoms )

Fandoms I Like )

Fandoms I'm Nostalgic About )
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In case anyone was wondering what fandoms I'm into :)
Bold means it's a fandom I'm currently active in or always ready to talk about.
Italics means it's an old fandom that I'm semi-active in.
Regular text means it's a fandom I know the canon of, but aren't ver active participating in.

Fandoms I am or have been a part of )
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Back in the good old days...wait, I hated high school.

Ehem, so back in my the crappy junior high school but fandom-savvy days, I had a decent idea of where to go looking for fandom. By this I mean I knew where to seek out people to discuss things with. I have no trouble figuring out where to find fic or fanart, but the "where to go looking for a beta reader" or "where to start a conversation about this character" is a bit beyond me at the moment.

So, where does one go to find online fandom these days? Is everything tumblr? Maybe. Which is a litle sad, because while I love some parts of tumblr, its features for communication, especially between more than two people, are limited.

Guess I'll just have to sigh forelonely over the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell kink meme for a while longer (and write some damn fic, because I really should get on that!)
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Two of my smaller fandoms didn't make Yuletide this year, so I'm saving those wishes for another year. Putting this here as a reminder to myself :)

American McGee's Alice
(Characters: Cheshire Cat)

I love everything about this version of the Cheshire Cat; loyal yet cautious and focused on his own survival; cunning and unlikely to do anything overly foolish or "brave".

I've played both the original game and the sequel, and am interested in seeing what happens to the Cheshire Cat and the rest of Wonderland after the second game. How has it all changed? Does the Cheshire Cat have a new place or is his world even more chaotic than usual? What is his relationship with Alice like? If you ship the two of them and want to include the pairing, I'm perfectly fine with that.

As for Wonderland vs the real world... I will admit to being on team "Wonderland is real", mostly because I'm such a fantasy geek. I prefer to keep the surreal tone, with Alice being the only one who can actually see the Wonderland elements of the world around her, but that she actually disappears from the real world when she goes to Wonderland. Wonderland characters being able to interact with other real world characters...well, it could be interesting to see some sinister real world character tapping into Wonderland somehow (via Alice?) to take something from it/threaten it somehow. Could make for an interesting plot.

And speaking of plot, I greatly enjoy both the action/adventure aspects as well as the mystery/horror aspects of these games. It being Yuletide and all, I do wish for a happy-ish ending (as happy as these games ever get), but I have nothing against dark and disturbing elements in the plot itself. Maybe the aformentioned human outsider finds a way to get to Wonderland and starts wrecking havok? Maybe unexplained murders start happening in the real world and the Cheshire Cat isn't sure if Alice has truly gone over the edge and started killing innocents? Maybe it's the Cheshire Cat who gets himself into trouble for once and Alice has to help him out; I am a big fan of role reversals.

If you haven't played the second game, feel free to go completely AU after the first game and invent your own "what happened after Alice got better"-scenario. I'm a big fan of AUs in general actually, so if you want to go completely off from the original setting, be my guest! Just avoid high school and sports team-AUs; they're not really my cup of tea.

A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman
(Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson)

This world is so wonderfully dark, but with just enough hope in it to not make me despair. If anyone can outwit the ineffable, it's Sherlock Holmes. I'd love anything set in this AU (because it is a Homes fusion AU crossover and no one can tell me any different) be it before, during or after the story. How did Watson and Holmes meet in this world? What have their lives been like? What are they planning right now? What will their lives be like when (if?) they defeat their enemy? What do they think of Moran and Moriarty?

As you might have guessed, I'm a Holmes/Watson shipper. Been shipping them since I was tiny, so if they're not your cup of tea please don't pair them up with anyone else. Them being super close friends is also great!

Oh, and if you like Irene Adler, I'd love to see her included somehow. She is one fantastic lady and she needs more 'screen time' everywhere!
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I just found out that the excellent manga Shin Petshop of Horrors (aka Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo) finished its run last year with 12 volumes.

My problem is that I only have 8 of them, as Tokyopop shut down before they could finish translating all of them. Now, I can manage Japanese - if increadibly slowly - so I’d like to buy the final 4 in Japanese.

Problem nr 2: I found them for sale, but only to people in Canda and the USA ;_;

Would anyone be so kind as to help me buy them? I’ll of course pay both for the manga, any shipping to your home and shipping to my place. I  would be enternally grateful!

Saving the links to the manga-sale-sites so I'll remember them:
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12

EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED, HUZZAH! (I should read the shipping info more carefully XD)

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Yuletide will soon be upon us, and thus I must pimp my newest and tiniest fandom: plays performed by the Japaense dance & theater group *pnish*.

Follow me under the cut for pictures, quick summarizes and other links!

The ranting be this way )

Also: Thank you wonderful *pnish*-fans who've subbed and summarized the shows! Without you, I'd have never gotten into *pnish* - all my gratitude to you awesome people :D
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After years of slowly puzzling it together, I've finally finished my mood theme! The pictures are actually bigger than currently displayed, but I will have to figure out how to fix that some other day...when I'm awake enough to learn how to rewrite my jounral layers and style from scratch (I predict a lot of backward engineering and cursing at my computer screen).

Anyways, the mood theme in question features one of my favorite characters of all time: Rayek from Elfquest.

If you haven't read this wonderful comic, do so now! It's all available for free online, you see :)

Of course I couldn't add a self-made mood theme without personalizing my journal a little - which quickly went over board. I can't tell you have many hours I spent banging my head against my desk while trying to figure out why this or that wouldn't load, or what color goes with what (I have no artistic blood whatsoever).

The beautiful picture up top was drawn by my wonderfully talented sister [ profile] chibiangle. Visit her dA here.

Please tell me if there's something that looks weird or makes your eyes hurt!

(And if anyone knows how to recode the layout so the mood theme images can be their original size, I'm very grateful for hints!)
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Time to play catch up with the internet! Sorry for not reading and commenting friends, I'll do my best to get caught up before New Years at least.

So, what's been keeping me busy?

Well... )
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I won't be able to sleep tonight! Oh, why do I always discover such awesome things when no one in my time zone who could care is awake. Why?!

Want to know what I'm spazzing out for? Click this lj-cut! )
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Oh-boy, time doesn't like me and the relationship is mutual. Way too long since I got on a computer and did some real work (read: fics, role-playing and lj-spamming).

Thus, spoiler-filled rant time!

Inception )

Now for something completely different:

BBC's Sherlock )

And as for my third obsession...

Supernatural )


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