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I got so, so lucky again this year and got not one, but two wonderful stories in the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fandom :D

If you're in that fandom (and Childermass/Segundus is a ship you enjoy), I definitely rec these two lovely stories! Read the tags though, one of them is gory in parts.

Open Roads
Pairing: John Childermass/John Segundus
Rating: Teen
Summary: “You did not tell me that the magician was part faerie,” Segundus said, with great dignity, from where he was tied, wrist and ankle, to one of the few well-preserved stone pillars by means of somewhat incongruous rose vines.
Tags: Gen or Pre-Slash

Reap What You Sow
Pairing: John Childermass/John Segundus
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When Childermass is targeted by those who would use the Raven King’s Book for their own gain, he turns to Mr Segundus for help.
Tags: Abortion, Body Horror, Ectopic Pregnancy, Erectile Dysfunction, Intercrural Sex, Hurt/Comfort, Mpreg, Oral Sex, Post-Canon, Yuleporn, Yuletide Treat
Note from me: Just fyi, this is Mpreg in the sense that the Alien movie has Mpreg. So if you're looking for the giving-birth-to-human-child kind of Mpreg, this is not for you.
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In other words, it was a good movie. I rewarded myself with an interlude at the movies tonight - seeing as I have been and will continue to be working non-stop 24/7 until my vacation starts at the end of December ;_; - and it was a good choice; gave me a lot to think about.

I can't believe I'd forgotten about the Sapir-Whorf theory! Well, not forgotten forgotten, but that I haven't been trying to weave it more into my universal translator world-building. It was my favorite linguistic theory back at uni, I really should incorporate it more in my own writing. Hmm, I think I shall have the garnea have no concept/emotion of fear or anger, only sadness and grief. That will make for both interesting culture clashes, linguistic difficulties and works with their way of life. Yay, aliens!

Arrival made me want to read the short story it is based on. It also made me finally sniff out the story Three Worlds Collide which I read way back when and really liked but lost track of. Recommended reading as basis for interesting discussions.

Oh well, time to go to sleep and then get back to work. Hopefully I'll get enough done tomorrow that I finally can let myself read all the other stories in the Reverse Bangs I've participated in! Check out [ profile] i_reversebang and ds9reversebang if you're curious; a lot of lovely art and fic over there! Fandoms are Inception and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

These are the fics I wrote for the exchanges:

Dreams of Others
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Sexual Content
Summary: Hiding out in-between jobs should be an uneventful thing, laying low and keeping out of the cops' search lights. But Eames learned long ago that neither Arthur nor Ariadne can resist a client who might be a target for the Others, and this latest one was sent their way courtesy of Dominic Cobb himself. Resigned to help Arthur and Ariadne play knights in shining armor Eames has no idea exactly how fast this supposed quick-fix project is about to go downhill.

Spy Games
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Elim Garak/Julian Bashir
Rating: Mature
Tags: Holodecks/Holosuites, Roleplay, Xenophilia, Cardassians with tails
Summar: Garak and Bashir spend some time on the holodeck, enjoying a spy novel of Bashir's.
nonesane: My cat is a happy cat (Smiling Sebastian) realize you've requested fanfiction based on works by an author who's really not comfortable with fanfiction :/

And the request is on Yuletide, so I can't exactly take it down now, can I? Damn. Should have looked closer for guidelines, but somehow I missed it. Just hope no one fulfills the prompt.

Sorry M.C.A. Hogarth, I fucked up.

Urgh. I'll be over here feeling crappy for a while.
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I finally have time to post the wonderful story I got as a gift for Yuletide 2015~!

I got this fantastic Mononoke fic that feels exactly like an episode of the show <3 Definitely a rec!

Title: bright the hawk's flight
Fandom: モノノ怪 | Mononoke (Anime & Manga)
Rating: Teen+
Summary: A mononoke out of the past haunts the modern day.

Oh, and I wrote these fics for Yuletide (the FAKE one was my official Yulegoat story, the others Madness treats):

Title: Pancakes
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Gen
Summary: The Outsider watches many worlds. Or maybe it's just layers of one world. Or both.

Title: A Queen and Her Shadow
Fandom: Maleficent (2014)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing: open to interpretation
Summary: A kind queen sits upon two thrones.

Title: Safe Shadows
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Gen
Summary:Emily wakes up from a bad dream.

Title: That Time With the Handcuffs
Fandom: FAKE (Manga)
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Dee Laytner/Randy "Ryo" MacLean
Summary: Dee had no idea a less than steller moment in his career would lead to a very pleasant evening with Ryo.

Title: Trapped in a Cell
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing: Corvo Attano/Jessamine Kaldwin
Summary: Corvo wakes up from a most unpleasant dream to a most unpleasant place.
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I got two wonderful Star Driver fanfics for Yuletide 2014 and I've been shamefully neglectful not posting said wonderful gifts here on my livejournal. But now I finally have the time to!

The two fantastic gifts I got were these:

Cold Reading
Fandom: Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
Rating: General Audience
Pairing: Agemaki Wako/Shindou Sugata/Tsunashi Takuto
Summary: Midnight Flight's performance of On the Eve of Legend opens in less than two weeks, but Takuto is still struggling with his part. Wako and Sugata offer to help him with his lines, only to find that they're not quite as confident in their roles as they thought they were, either.

One Big Holiday
Fandom: Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Agemaki Wako/Shindou Sugata/Tsunashi Takuto
Summary: Sugata, Wako, and Takuto travel to Tokyo.

If you like Star Driver go read those two wonderful fics!

Oh, and I also wrote a story:

Rosemary's Choice
Fandom: Lily Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts (Song)
Rating: Teen and up
Summary: Rosemary has lived in a sham of a marrige for the past several years. One night she gets an interesting, but dangerous, offer. She'll have to work up a lot of courage to play out her part in the plan she's joined in on, though the rewards may be beyond gold. But why was this offer given to her? Only Jack and Lily know.
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Realized I probably should make a separate post for this, since I noticed I'd forgotten to list some gift-stories in my previous post.

List here! )
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After the original stories post, here's my list of fics that are in-progress, sorted by "currently writing" and "on hold".

Fanfiction this way! )
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Just got done with NaNoWriMo...well, I got done with it yesterday, I've been cleaning my apartment, making food and catching up with reality all day.

The day's work has led to two things: 1) Me getting order among my many story files and 2) an offline friend telling me she now ships Garak/Bashir and demanded I write that fic I'd been talking about.

Thus I had to reorganize and prioritize my fics, because I need to get stuff done dammit! This is my new Works In Progress list, in case anyone is curious. I've added a "schedual" comment to each, giving vague time frames for when they will be worked on. If someone expresses interest in any of the projects on back-burner, I might move them up to priority status ;)

I've also put a lot of stories "On Hold" to make sure I focus on what I'm most interested in right now. Just keeping them around to remind myself they exist.

(I'll be posting a "prompts and plotbunnies" post later on, when I've gone through all the inspiration I've tagged at Tumblr during the last year...)

Here there be WIPs! )
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And when I say news, I of course mean "random stuff I got up to since my last post". Yes.

Got my Yuletide gift and it is awesome! I mean, a Moomin & Winnie-the-Pooh crossover? What more could I ask for?! Link here:

Moomintroll in Autumn

I've seen The Hobbit twice now, once with friends and once with family. Obviously I loved it. My favorite parts are how they managed to make each dwarf an individual with a distinct personality, while still keeping all of them very dwarf-ish in nature (I will admit to having had trouble remembering who was who when I read the book - except Thorin of course). I also liked all the extra material they put in and that the dwarf women actually had beards too (seems like muttonchops are in fashion for them) <3

But to avoid spoilers, I'll instead go on another, related rant. The Hobbitw put me in the mood for fantasy, the old fashion kind of fantasy, you might say. This led me to dusting off a story I've had in the works for some time, as well as plotting a new one in the same fictional universe.

Naturally, the new story focuses on dwarfs :)

I'm having so much fun with the world building it should be illegal! My sources of inspiration is a great mess of Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, the Pinis (ElfQuest) and a mass of my favorite fantasy tropes and cliches. I'm going to ramble on about the stories under the cut, fair warning ;)

My current writing obsessions )


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