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Stupid infection, making me all ineffective and lethargic. Now I've got _so much stuff_ to do, and I'm still sick. Damn.

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Another week, another list! Got some things left from last week, but that's life. At least I'm getting some stuff done :)

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And likely beyond that, because as we all know writing takes time and energy, and I have a limited amount of both.

These are not all of my writing projects (they're barely a third of them), but they're the ones I'd like to focus on right now. Listing them here to remind myself what to focus on, and in what order. Might change further on.

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If last week taught me anything, it's that I need to hold my horses a bit with these schedules XD There are only so many hours in one day, after all.

Heck, yesterday was spent 90% on just going through old stories and deleting old duplicates! I barely had time to make lunch and dinner, I was that busy going through things and making sure I didn't delete anything important.

So, less demands on self, more fun. Let's try it!

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Sorry for the spamming, friends! This will be my last post of the day, promise :)

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Things I need/want to get done before Yule! Sort of portioned out per month, but more by week. Will be updating this as I go through things and more things occur to me!


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No clear deadline yet
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Trying to get some sort of idea about what and when I want to do non-work things until Yule. Really need to drown myself in fun stuff right now, so here goes!

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Link to deadlines for these things!
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It's when you get home a WednesdayTuesday evening, having come off a delayed train, hungry and with severe allergies to somthing acting up, and you still manage to make dinner and food for the rest of the week, post several e-mails and on top of that find time to read, that you realize just how burned out you've been.

Seriously, I feel like a new person. Or rather, my old self. I'm not at 100% yet, but I wasn't sick once this summer (unlike these past 4 years where vacation without fail meant 2 weeks of influenza) and my spine is finally back to normal. I have energy to do more than eat candy and stare at the ceiling when I get home from work! I actually sleep well!

This said, I need to get my lovely lists going again! I've always worked best with deadlines, and I've got so many fun things I need to get done before the year is out :D

Quick list:
- Make a month-by-month to do list
- Read my 30+ books I've got lying around the apartment
- Go through all my gazillion writing projects, among them the 2 almost finished books I've written and then left to...simmer?
- Start on my Leverage Mini Bang fic and start looking for a beta!
- Brainstorm for Yuletide. Nominations start sooooon, yay!
- Finish translating that Russian to Swedish to English Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fic.
- Finish the outline of Secrets in Ice so I finally can write it for this year's NaNo
- Catch up with Beacon Call Holt and Survivors of a Lost Holt; many posts and updates needed.
- Get through my 280+ Tumblr drafts
- Finish editing How to Sway Them's second version (preferably before November and NaNo starts).
- Keep practicing Japanese everyday. Small steps and all that.
- Find the Google Doc for Anna's and my world building.
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...yaaaay, lists. No seriously, lists help me not panic about All The Stuff I Want To Do. I know I won't get all of this done, but getting it all written down in an overview like this helps :)

Also, I've promised myself only to have two writing projects on at the same time, to prevent me from dilly-dallying and only writing two orders on each of my gazillion WIPs.

Updated: 2017-08-04
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This is very last minute, so I'll make sure to update this to be an actual "what I like about Books of the Raksura" post a-sap. Until then you can check out my old what-I-like post from Yuletide where I have some info (though not the exact same characters).

Since I've already talked about Jade, Stone, Moon and Chime in my old letter linked above, I thought I'd just briefly summarize why I like the other two characters I've requested.

- Ember. I think he's a great addition to the cast, as a contrast to Moon. I don't think Moon should or needs to change his ways to be a "better Raksura" or anything like that, but I adore that we get to see a consort who's comfortable in his assigned role. Not only do I think Ember's ease as a consort underlines that all consorts are individuals, but it also underlines the fact that you don't have to be a Big, Tough, Strong Hunter or magician or what have you to be a good person. I wish Stone would show him a little more respect (that said, I think there are a lot of Raksura Stone should stop treating like annoying furniture...)

- Shade. His lot in life isn't an easy one, but it's so great that he has such a loving family to back him up. I'd love to see him interact more with strangers though - with or without the help of his family. I love that he's sweet without being a pushover (at least from what I remember - I really need to reread the books) and that he's loyal to his people.


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