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Got home about 30 minutes ago from hours of tabletop rp-ing supervillains vs aliens. One of the many super fun and lovely things I have going on. Getting a new job was a really good decision - I'm going to be insufferably happy about everything for the next few weeks I think :)

Oh, and note to self: No more crossposting to Livejournal. It's time to finally nope out.
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So, after about 2,5 months of non-stop overtime I'm more or less a wrung out rag now that the holidays are here. Luckily I'm starting a new job come February, so the stress will be reduced soon.

I've actually been preeeeetty close to burn out, which has been 0 fun. Thus it will take me a while to catch up with everything online that I'm behind on, seeing as the least hint of stress currently leaves me an exhausted heap of emotions. Luckily I didn't completely hit the wall, so these stress related shutdowns should stop as soon as I've had a bit of a rest.

But yeah, definitely looking forward to a newer, slower work pace.
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In case anyone was wondering what fandoms I'm into :)
Bold means it's a fandom I'm currently active in or always ready to talk about.
Italics means it's an old fandom that I'm semi-active in.
Regular text means it's a fandom I know the canon of, but aren't ver active participating in.

Fandoms I am or have been a part of )
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I got some free time due to forgetting work at work (so to speak). Thus, for no real reason, I thought I'd try give myself a grasp of what it is a do with all my time. Because I think it's tricky to get an idea of where all the time disappears to. Here's my attempt at untangling that question.

Where my time goes )
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I'm all over the internet right now, so thought I'd post a little 'summary' of all my different accounts, both for my own benifit and for anyone who's curious.

I'm on a train right now, thus no links added yet, just usernames. Finally had time to go on LJ with a computer, thus links~

The list:

On Archive of Our Own I'm Nonesane.

On Dreamwidth I'm nonesane.

On Inkitt I'm S. M. M. Lindström.

On GoodReads I'm this author.

On Tumblr I'm nonesane and nonesanewriting (which is, to no one's surprise, my writing blog).

On Twitter I'm Nonesane88 (because plain ol' Nonesane was taken, the horror!)

Aaaand that's about it, I think?

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I thought I'd make a coherent (?) list of all the fics I've put up on the interwebs that either are finished or still on going. I have a few dead WIPs here and there, so if you don't see a story you know I've written on here, I've either forgotten about it or left it to suffer in the dark.

Without futher ado, here are my fanfics, listed by fandom:

Baccano! )

Elfquest )

Harry Potter )

How To Train Your Dragon )

House )

Inception )

Okami )

Petshop of Horrors )

Spice and Wolf )

Sherlock Holmes )

Stargate Atlantis )

X-Men: First Class )
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Time to play catch up with the internet! Sorry for not reading and commenting friends, I'll do my best to get caught up before New Years at least.

So, what's been keeping me busy?

Well... )


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