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It's when you get home a WednesdayTuesday evening, having come off a delayed train, hungry and with severe allergies to somthing acting up, and you still manage to make dinner and food for the rest of the week, post several e-mails and on top of that find time to read, that you realize just how burned out you've been.

Seriously, I feel like a new person. Or rather, my old self. I'm not at 100% yet, but I wasn't sick once this summer (unlike these past 4 years where vacation without fail meant 2 weeks of influenza) and my spine is finally back to normal. I have energy to do more than eat candy and stare at the ceiling when I get home from work! I actually sleep well!

This said, I need to get my lovely lists going again! I've always worked best with deadlines, and I've got so many fun things I need to get done before the year is out :D

Quick list:
- Make a month-by-month to do list
- Read my 30+ books I've got lying around the apartment
- Go through all my gazillion writing projects, among them the 2 almost finished books I've written and then left to...simmer?
- Start on my Leverage Mini Bang fic and start looking for a beta!
- Brainstorm for Yuletide. Nominations start sooooon, yay!
- Finish translating that Russian to Swedish to English Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fic.
- Finish the outline of Secrets in Ice so I finally can write it for this year's NaNo
- Catch up with Beacon Call Holt and Survivors of a Lost Holt; many posts and updates needed.
- Get through my 280+ Tumblr drafts
- Finish editing How to Sway Them's second version (preferably before November and NaNo starts).
- Keep practicing Japanese everyday. Small steps and all that.
- Find the Google Doc for Anna's and my world building.
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I think I've gotten the most "urgent" broken photo links fixed. The ones over on Livejournal are still broken - might fix them eventually, but I really can't be bothered right now (fixing them over here and on my Holts was enough of a time sink).

My dad's gone with his oldest brother to help out his older brother, so it's just me, my sis and mom up here in the north right now. Things are a little rough due to Health Things, but I think we'll pull through.

Slowly but surely getting back the energy to do fun things. We'll see what I get done first...
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Not going to go into details, but my recent job change has been such a huge, good change! I mean, I liked my old job and old coworkers - it's just that the work tempo was getting too much for me. New job is just so wonderful. I've got the same kind of job, just not at the same break-neck speed.

I thought I'd have more Internet time now, but it seems I have more IRL people to hang out with that I remember XD Now that I have the energy and time I've ended up with people coming over almost every day of the week. It's a strange, old-yet-new, happy feeling of having time for friends and family. I will get back to online stuff as well, soon, but right now I have to get offline life back in balance again (it's been out of wack for almost four years, it seems...)
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Found some basic d20 based rules online (well, several) and have homebrewed them into a steampunk/solarpunk fantasy thing for a game I'm DM-ing on Monday. Watching Critical Role has motivated me to expand outside my comfort zone as a DM - great show, btw, if you have time for 80+ episodes of 2-3 hours each.

My other source of inspiration for this game is the TV show Leverage. I'm going to let my players start out with one skill maxed out (yay, Mary Sues game~) and just let them have fun from there. We can't meet that often due to work and living far apart, which means they haven't had the chance to level much. Thus we're trying a "cut loose and have fun" kind of game. I'm going to give them some challenges, but sometimes it can be fun to be a little overpowered, right? :)

In case any fellow dice rpg fans are reading this, got any game recs? I currently own "Fallen Reich", "Blue Rose" and several homebrews + am going to get the latest Dungeons & Dragons, but am always looking for interesting things to try! Especially if they're more focused on roleplaying than on rule reading.
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Moving most of my blog activity over here due to the "Russian servers"-thing over on LJ. This means I've got to dig up my very old, very spotty CSS skills and try to get this blog looking decent (I've got a paid account now, yes). Prepare for eye-pain.
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So, after about 2,5 months of non-stop overtime I'm more or less a wrung out rag now that the holidays are here. Luckily I'm starting a new job come February, so the stress will be reduced soon.

I've actually been preeeeetty close to burn out, which has been 0 fun. Thus it will take me a while to catch up with everything online that I'm behind on, seeing as the least hint of stress currently leaves me an exhausted heap of emotions. Luckily I didn't completely hit the wall, so these stress related shutdowns should stop as soon as I've had a bit of a rest.

But yeah, definitely looking forward to a newer, slower work pace.
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In other words, it was a good movie. I rewarded myself with an interlude at the movies tonight - seeing as I have been and will continue to be working non-stop 24/7 until my vacation starts at the end of December ;_; - and it was a good choice; gave me a lot to think about.

I can't believe I'd forgotten about the Sapir-Whorf theory! Well, not forgotten forgotten, but that I haven't been trying to weave it more into my universal translator world-building. It was my favorite linguistic theory back at uni, I really should incorporate it more in my own writing. Hmm, I think I shall have the garnea have no concept/emotion of fear or anger, only sadness and grief. That will make for both interesting culture clashes, linguistic difficulties and works with their way of life. Yay, aliens!

Arrival made me want to read the short story it is based on. It also made me finally sniff out the story Three Worlds Collide which I read way back when and really liked but lost track of. Recommended reading as basis for interesting discussions.

Oh well, time to go to sleep and then get back to work. Hopefully I'll get enough done tomorrow that I finally can let myself read all the other stories in the Reverse Bangs I've participated in! Check out [ profile] i_reversebang and ds9reversebang if you're curious; a lot of lovely art and fic over there! Fandoms are Inception and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

These are the fics I wrote for the exchanges:

Dreams of Others
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Sexual Content
Summary: Hiding out in-between jobs should be an uneventful thing, laying low and keeping out of the cops' search lights. But Eames learned long ago that neither Arthur nor Ariadne can resist a client who might be a target for the Others, and this latest one was sent their way courtesy of Dominic Cobb himself. Resigned to help Arthur and Ariadne play knights in shining armor Eames has no idea exactly how fast this supposed quick-fix project is about to go downhill.

Spy Games
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Elim Garak/Julian Bashir
Rating: Mature
Tags: Holodecks/Holosuites, Roleplay, Xenophilia, Cardassians with tails
Summar: Garak and Bashir spend some time on the holodeck, enjoying a spy novel of Bashir's.
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Been reading through past updates I've made over on Goodreads and came across my Wheel of Time readings. I just had to share my slow descent into despair as I read through the series XD

(If you love Wheel of Time this might either amuse or annoy you - read at own risk).

Reactions - book by book )
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To the point of pain-induced scoliosis. For two months, going on three. I am not a happy camper.

Not only has this spine rebellion made me very cranky, it's also lowered my work capacity severely, since not being able to sit down automatically cuts down on computer time. I've got no standing desk at work, so I've had to work overtime from home almost every evening since my back started acting up. Meaning these past months have been pretty much work-sleep-work only.

Thankfully I'm on the mend, but I'm so very, very behind on...everthing. Ugh.
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I got some free time due to forgetting work at work (so to speak). Thus, for no real reason, I thought I'd try give myself a grasp of what it is a do with all my time. Because I think it's tricky to get an idea of where all the time disappears to. Here's my attempt at untangling that question.

Where my time goes )


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