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Should never go to another dentist than my own. Got some "relaxation exercises" from the temporary one I went to here in Uppsala, because clearly the reason I haven't been able to chew using the right side of my mouth is that I'm tense.

I was skeptical, but did the exercises. That was Monday. Today, my throat is swollen shut, my sinuses are on fire and my face muscles on the right side of my face hate me. I've talked to my actual dentist, who's clearly worried and has ordered me complete rest until I can see her in two weeks. I'm on a soup and smoothie diet, and am not allowed even to chew gum.

Yup. Never going to that other dentist, ever again.
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To distract myself from the soul crushing prep for my uncle's funeral on the 29th of September, my body decided to grant me yet another cold sore. This is the fifth one I've had since January and it's...beyond gross. It's also painful, of course. My parents visited yesterday, and since my mother is a rational and forward thinking person she told me to call 1177 (a number you can call here in Sweden to get medical advice).

...yeah, turns out you can get meds for when herpes labialis gets this bad. I should probably have started medicating years ago. Now I just need to get through on the phone to make an appointment with my doctor so I can get my hands on those sweet, sweet meds. Seriously, it feels like half of my face is about to fall off, why didn't anyone tell me there was a way to stop that from happening earlier???
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Ultimate challenge activated! Which is my way of saying I've made a promise to myself that I won't eat/drink certain things until Yule. Not for any diet-to-lose-weight reasons, but more for my-burn-out-and-broken-back-led-to-very-unhealthy-&-expensive-eating-habits reasons. As in, I spend about 10$ a day on some form sugar. That's a lot of money and a lot of sugar every week + means I eat less actual _food_ food because I'm full on candy. My mother and a friend of hers took me up on this challenge and we're all now cheering each other on :)

So yeah, challenge!

As a reminder to myself: Until the 24th of December I am not allowed to eat or drink the following things:

- Soda
- Candy
- Cookies
- Chocolate in any form
- Chips
- Pastries

The only exception to this are the 2 LARP dinners I have planned before Yule. For each day I manage to not consume such things, I will put 8$ aside and save up for art commissions~!

Challenge started 2017-08-07. Tally:
Days without extra sugar - 15
Commission savings - 120$
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Stars only know why, but I now have _two_ godchildren! Pretty amazing and utterly confusing :D

Seriously, I do not know why my friends insist on having me as some kind of authority figure/role model for their children. They know I'm an atheist, so "raising them in the Christian faith" will not be accomplished. Raising them to play D&D and video games on the other hand...

On a more serious note, it's really nice to be this trust and close with people that I've ended up a godmom twice over - with two different families no less! Now comes the tricky struggle of giving both godchildren equal amounts of attention, despite one of them living in the same city as me and the other being halfway across the country...
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It was also a very messed up day, putting it mildly. See, I work in Stockholm, not that many blocks from where trash disguised as humans decided to ram a truck into a shopping center. Suffice to say, yesterday...well, what can I really say about yesterday?

Actually, I can say that the Swedish military and Stockholm's police force are fucking awesome, that's what I can say! They were so prepared and dealt with this so well! They were on the scene in no time, getting people to safety and making sure nothing else happened. They shut down the subway and commuter trains a-sap, and all possible second targets were evacuated or got much increased security.

Swedish media also dealt with it well. Sure, there were some unfounded rumours about shootings floating around that started on Twitter (which is why my boss refused to let us leave work until we were 100% it was just rumors), but over all we got up-to-date, vital information right when we needed it. We knew where to go and where to not go.

Also, all us regular civilian types used social media to help each other out. Stores made sure people had a safe place to go and that people's kids got dinner if their parents were unable to get home in time. People opened their homes to those who were stranded, arranging spur of the moment pizza parties. And as far as I've heard the local nazi scum are disappointed with how this attack has failed to drum up racism and islamophobia in the general public. I hope the nazis keep being disappointed. Fuck those guys.

I literally spent yesterday's "event" drinking soda with my coworkers, going for a long walk, meeting up with an acquaintance I hadn't seen in 3 years, having a beanburger, walking some more, waiting 40 minutes for a train to get me home, and finally going to bed at my home in Uppsala.

It's horrific that people were killed and hurt. But it's a comfort to know that the military, the police, the media, and just every other person on the street here are prepared for horrific things, and meet them with both skill and heart.
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Soooooo, I've been very, very close to burn out since mid-2016. I won't go into detail as to why, but let's just say it's work-related and health-related both. Thus, I've been inactive in every possible way everywhere.

Just wanted to note that down here, as a reminder to myself to not do this to myself again. Hopefully I'll be getting better come February, when I will be making a lot of life changes. Hopefully.
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So, after about 2,5 months of non-stop overtime I'm more or less a wrung out rag now that the holidays are here. Luckily I'm starting a new job come February, so the stress will be reduced soon.

I've actually been preeeeetty close to burn out, which has been 0 fun. Thus it will take me a while to catch up with everything online that I'm behind on, seeing as the least hint of stress currently leaves me an exhausted heap of emotions. Luckily I didn't completely hit the wall, so these stress related shutdowns should stop as soon as I've had a bit of a rest.

But yeah, definitely looking forward to a newer, slower work pace.
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To the point of pain-induced scoliosis. For two months, going on three. I am not a happy camper.

Not only has this spine rebellion made me very cranky, it's also lowered my work capacity severely, since not being able to sit down automatically cuts down on computer time. I've got no standing desk at work, so I've had to work overtime from home almost every evening since my back started acting up. Meaning these past months have been pretty much work-sleep-work only.

Thankfully I'm on the mend, but I'm so very, very behind on...everthing. Ugh.
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Urgh, I hate when that happens. So behind on a lot of things now. But, I shall not give up on my lovely lists!

Things I got done last week:
[X] Fix Internet for new apartment!
[X] Laundry. Evil, evil laundry.
[X] Have dinner with a friend.
[X] Read to at least chapter 39 in "The Fires of Heaven"
[X] Clean up my LJ-tags
[X] Clean out the microwave (it smelled like meat :P)
[X] Write down meeting notes from DX-guide meeting.
[X] Re-read to at least chapter 22 in "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell"
[X] Go for a run at least twice.
[X] Book club! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.

Things to do until Sunday the 14th of February
[X] Contact electricty company and address change (done, though nothing could be finished due to Skatteverket being slow at registering the new building...)
[X] Finished The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan (and decided to give up on The Wheel of Time).
[ / ] Re-read at least to chapter 48 in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.
[ / ] Post at least two fics/drabbles in the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell kinkmeme.
[ / ] Sort through all possible prompts on said kinkmeme.
[ / ] Find at least 10 stories and 20 artworks in RTH to comment on.
[ / ] Clean up old notebook with previous years' goals.
[ / ] Get all the files on my cellphone in order.
[ / ] Start archiving Lost Holt's latest phase in the RPG.
[ ] Start writing Jan/Feb trade for RTH
[ ] Start writing Peggy's comment race prize
[ ] Finish at least two scenes in "Catching Up?"
[ ] Catch up on Council work in RTH!
[ ] Answer all e-mails awaiting replies + send new e-mails I've promised to send.
[ ] Go for a run at least twice
[ ] Game day on Saturday!
[ ] Deadpool on Friday!
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Currently hanging out with a dear friend. We've just finished watching Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Aang (which she'd never seen before) and now we're post-by-post role-playing and plotting a story for the hell of it.

Life is good. Even if I lost my favorite gloves today. Positive definitely outweighs the negative :)


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