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And likely beyond that, because as we all know writing takes time and energy, and I have a limited amount of both.

These are not all of my writing projects (they're barely a third of them), but they're the ones I'd like to focus on right now. Listing them here to remind myself what to focus on, and in what order. Might change further on.

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In other words, it was a good movie. I rewarded myself with an interlude at the movies tonight - seeing as I have been and will continue to be working non-stop 24/7 until my vacation starts at the end of December ;_; - and it was a good choice; gave me a lot to think about.

I can't believe I'd forgotten about the Sapir-Whorf theory! Well, not forgotten forgotten, but that I haven't been trying to weave it more into my universal translator world-building. It was my favorite linguistic theory back at uni, I really should incorporate it more in my own writing. Hmm, I think I shall have the garnea have no concept/emotion of fear or anger, only sadness and grief. That will make for both interesting culture clashes, linguistic difficulties and works with their way of life. Yay, aliens!

Arrival made me want to read the short story it is based on. It also made me finally sniff out the story Three Worlds Collide which I read way back when and really liked but lost track of. Recommended reading as basis for interesting discussions.

Oh well, time to go to sleep and then get back to work. Hopefully I'll get enough done tomorrow that I finally can let myself read all the other stories in the Reverse Bangs I've participated in! Check out [ profile] i_reversebang and ds9reversebang if you're curious; a lot of lovely art and fic over there! Fandoms are Inception and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

These are the fics I wrote for the exchanges:

Dreams of Others
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Sexual Content
Summary: Hiding out in-between jobs should be an uneventful thing, laying low and keeping out of the cops' search lights. But Eames learned long ago that neither Arthur nor Ariadne can resist a client who might be a target for the Others, and this latest one was sent their way courtesy of Dominic Cobb himself. Resigned to help Arthur and Ariadne play knights in shining armor Eames has no idea exactly how fast this supposed quick-fix project is about to go downhill.

Spy Games
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Elim Garak/Julian Bashir
Rating: Mature
Tags: Holodecks/Holosuites, Roleplay, Xenophilia, Cardassians with tails
Summar: Garak and Bashir spend some time on the holodeck, enjoying a spy novel of Bashir's.
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The Sea is Deep

Felt like trying out Inkitt, so I brushed up one of my old short stories (”The Sea is Deep”) and posted it over there.

Inkitt turned out to be too much work for me right now + a little iffy (e.g. I can't delete my account). Thus I've moved the story to [personal profile] booksabaking instead. Link above goes there now.

Story summary:
Nadina and Mary are fleeing a war that should have separated them. Mary has chosen to take work on a warship, hiding Nadina among the cargo. All they need to do is hold out and not be discovered until they reach the right islands. That turns out to be easier said than done once an unnatural fog sweeps in over the fleet.

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

To read the story, just click on the sea above.
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I finally have time to post the wonderful story I got as a gift for Yuletide 2015~!

I got this fantastic Mononoke fic that feels exactly like an episode of the show <3 Definitely a rec!

Title: bright the hawk's flight
Fandom: モノノ怪 | Mononoke (Anime & Manga)
Rating: Teen+
Summary: A mononoke out of the past haunts the modern day.

Oh, and I wrote these fics for Yuletide (the FAKE one was my official Yulegoat story, the others Madness treats):

Title: Pancakes
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Gen
Summary: The Outsider watches many worlds. Or maybe it's just layers of one world. Or both.

Title: A Queen and Her Shadow
Fandom: Maleficent (2014)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing: open to interpretation
Summary: A kind queen sits upon two thrones.

Title: Safe Shadows
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Gen
Summary:Emily wakes up from a bad dream.

Title: That Time With the Handcuffs
Fandom: FAKE (Manga)
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Dee Laytner/Randy "Ryo" MacLean
Summary: Dee had no idea a less than steller moment in his career would lead to a very pleasant evening with Ryo.

Title: Trapped in a Cell
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing: Corvo Attano/Jessamine Kaldwin
Summary: Corvo wakes up from a most unpleasant dream to a most unpleasant place.
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I've gotten my Yuletide assignment and am looking forward to writing it and I'm having great fun writing on my NaNoWriMo story!

It's always so encouraging to read something you yourself have written and being angry with yourself when you reach the part that hasn't been written yet because you want to read the ending XD

Just knowing how it ends isn't quite the same as reading. And who knows how the story will grow and surprise me while I write?

Hope everyone else participating in NaNo is having as much fun as I am!

Oooh, and here's the latest commission of my book characters that I indulged myself with. Made by the fantastic ladynorthstar over on tumblr.

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I have so many things I should be writing and want to be writing!

Will save this here to hopefully add a list of deadlines for myself later on tonight...

Okay, here goes! I've looked through the WIPs I marked as "priorities" way back when (for original stories here & for fanfiction here, though I've come up with yet more stories since then, ack!) and picked three of of each to focus on so I actually might get something done this summer. The others will be written too, just...later.

Original stories

1) Of Elves and Dwarrows Part 1: Soul-Stealing Elves
I've finished the first draft of 16 of 21 chapters! I really should get this done this summer.
I'll encourage myself by link all the beautiful art I've commissioned of my characters, here:
Headshots of Jale, Warsa, Kaaz, Prince Onren, Fanwa, Beswa, Zurkea and Gelame.
Headshots of Guthra, Queen Luheka, Vergar, Droh, Tura, Bjana, Hreka and Marwa.
Raserath saving her brother Narathriel from falling.
Narathriel and Warsa talking, near the end of the book.
Prince Onren and Jale dancing.

2) Rumskompisar och Annat Oknytt
My short story collection all in Swedish that has gone forward ever so slowly. But I need to finish it. Like, yesterday. Because my uncle isn't feeling too well and he really wanted to read something I've written...and now I've made myself sad, dammit.
Oh well, I've finished the first draft of 1 of 10 stories. Better get working on the rest!

3) Secrets in Ice
Only done with the first draft of chapter 1 of 16, but it is something. Co-creating this with my sister (her tumblr and her dA) which has both sped up and slowed down the process of writing/world-building.


1) Witch Hunt
A Star Trek:DS9 AU-fic focused on Julian Bashir and Elim Garak. Only done with the first draft of chapter 1 of 20, but I've apparently written at least 200 words on each chapter. Weird,

2) Dynamics
Mass Effect fic. Because this silly Shepard/Thane smut has been sitting unfinished on my computer for way, waaaay too long!

3) Punishment
This prompt is so old and unfilled I am ashamed. Especially as it has 2k of it already written! The Hobbit fandom needs more dworin smut. yeah. Let's see if I can get all this done before work starts up again in August. Better not hold my breath.
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Realized I probably should make a separate post for this, since I noticed I'd forgotten to list some gift-stories in my previous post.

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After the original stories post, here's my list of fics that are in-progress, sorted by "currently writing" and "on hold".

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I never seem to get a clear idea of what I myself am working on when it comes to writing, which is a bit annoying. I'm going to make two posts where I try to sort out what I should be focusing on these last months of the year + what I should put aside for a while.

This first list consists of original works. The next is about fanfiction.

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Is anyone else signing up for a cabin this April? Anyone want to share a cabin with me?

I'm planning on getting a lot of short stories finished in April, so I'll be writing a lot of different things (obviously). Some will be in Swedish, some in English. I'm not looking for a beta reader or anything, I just like having company of the "working side by side" sort :)


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