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Trying to get some sort of idea about what and when I want to do non-work things until Yule. Really need to drown myself in fun stuff right now, so here goes!

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Link to deadlines for these things!
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So, after many years of not having time to read books much at all, I've finally finished Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. What a read! I was very much invested in the characters all the way through and loved every second of it. Well...almost all of it, but I'm wholly to blame for my own disappointment, so to speak.

I know I'm late to the party, and I did try to avoid spoilers as much as possible before finishing the series. But by book 8 I couldn't help but take a quick peek at Deviantart and Tumblr, to seek out some lovely fanart. There was much beautiful art to be seen, but also... Yeah, due to certain artwork and blog posts I thought Laurence would end up with Tharkay in canon.

Now, it wasn't that I needed Laurence to start a romance/sexual relationship with another man because it's "so hawt" or anything. If I hadn't seen those artworks or read those blog posts until I'd finished the series I'd never have expected the relationship to be canon, because, honestly, I rarely expect such representation in published books. I was happy that Granby and Little's relationship was A Thing, because yay, representation! But I must admit that, as a bisexual person, I was excited at the prospect of a bi/pansexual main character in a book series I'd so come to love. So I must admit there was a bit of a let-down when I realized I'd been mistaken.

And then I went down the angry beehive of a rabbit hole that was fandom's discussions on the topic (and Novik's probably well-meaning but a little clumsy reply to questions about said topic), and now I'm much more torn about jumping into the fandom :/

Silly, I know. Why can't we just have nice things...
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I'm a little tired. We'll see how I do this week. Zzzzzz...

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Slowly but surely getting back to being human. Sort of. Need more sleep though.

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Greetings, dear Yulegoat! Many welcomes to my wish-list letter! I hope this optional information of my likes and dislikes will inspire you in your writing. Feel free to ignore anything that doesn't. So looking forward to reading your story! I promise I love all these fandoms equally – I just get wordier about some of them :)

If you want to go the really advanced route, I have a very long list of favorite tropes and kinks over here - and I mean plot likes too, not just smut related likes.

The Letter is behind this Cut )

Fandom specifics!
Beware of spoilers for all fandoms listed below!

Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells )

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison )

Killjoys (TV) )

The Magnificent Seven (2016) )

RED (Movies) )

Sapphire and Steel )
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Last week was rough. Especially last Friday. But at least that virus infection is gone. Hopefully I'll catch up this week!

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Oh gragh, I want to be well again, I really want to! But no, jaw infection continues... Well, well, here we go.

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Stupid infection, making me all ineffective and lethargic. Now I've got _so much stuff_ to do, and I'm still sick. Damn.

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Should never go to another dentist than my own. Got some "relaxation exercises" from the temporary one I went to here in Uppsala, because clearly the reason I haven't been able to chew using the right side of my mouth is that I'm tense.

I was skeptical, but did the exercises. That was Monday. Today, my throat is swollen shut, my sinuses are on fire and my face muscles on the right side of my face hate me. I've talked to my actual dentist, who's clearly worried and has ordered me complete rest until I can see her in two weeks. I'm on a soup and smoothie diet, and am not allowed even to chew gum.

Yup. Never going to that other dentist, ever again.
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Another week, another list! Got some things left from last week, but that's life. At least I'm getting some stuff done :)

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As always, I'm super excited for Yuletide~!

I'm nominating Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells, the Syfy show Killjoys, and The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. Anyone else nominating?

Oh, and in case anyone else is nominating these fandoms, the characters I've picked are:

Books of the Raksura:
- Chime
- Jade
- Moon
- Stone

- Alvis Akari
- Dutch
- Fancy Lee
- Johnny Jaqobis

The Goblin Emperor:
- Csethiro Ceredin
- Csevet Aisava
- Maia Drazhar
- Shaleän Sevraseched

Edit 2017-09-11: Seems some of my Killjoys characters are overlapping with other nominations. We'll see how the noms end up :)


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